Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dressing by Numbers




Special thanks to MKW.

Shirt // Jeans (also this pair)// Scarf (similar) // Wedges (similar) // Earrings (similar) // Bag (similar plus an inexpensive version) // Lip color // Sunglasses // Also found this website with Pikos galore.

I wasn't sure if I was going to post these pictures because of how simple this outfit is. I woke up an hour late on the morning I had planned to get coffee with my new friend Cynthia of the blog Since we had agreed to help each other out with blog photos, I was supposed to get all dolled up before our coffee date. Turns out my cheap little alarm clock picked that morning to stop working (better than a weekday I guess), and I had to get ready in just a few minutes, dirty hair and all.

I decided to post the photos because even though my outfit isn't necessarily thrilling, I knew exactly how to get myself together at lightning speed because I have a uniform. My get-ready-quick uniform isn't the same every time, but I have an exact formula for daily wear.

Super skinny denim or black pant + oversized shirt or sweater + structured leather shoes/boots and bag = dressed

Throw in studs, watch, and my wayfarers and that's pretty much what I wear almost everyday. Almost every successful person has a uniform that they wear most of the time. If I asked you to close your eyes and picture Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, or even ol' Barry O (an endorsement of his plain dark suits only), you already know what they're all wearing. Yes, those are all nerdy men, but the same can be said for Taylor Swift, Jenny from the Block, and Angelina Jolie, and they even have someone helping them get dressed.

While Taylor's matching skirt sets are pretty boss, your uniform needs to fit your life and daily routine. Figure out what your needs and preferences are and decide if that's going to be a pencil skirt and button down, a black dress, or jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever it is, you won't have to get up at the crack of dawn to get to work after staring into your closet for an hour anymore. Style is about getting yourself together on a Monday morning and making it look easy (one day they'll attribute that to either Coco Chanel or Winston Churchill).

On a side note, these jeans by A Gold E are my new favorite. I like a really slim denim, but when I got these in the mail I was initially so disappointed. I had taken a chance on final sale since I bought them at something like 70 or 80% off, and they looked like they would have fit me in about 4th grade. I tried them on literally just to laugh, but they miraculously stretched to fit perfectly. Now they're my absolute favorite pair because they have enough elasticity not to get baggy in the seat by the end of the day.


The Pricey Pauper

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

And the Nominees Are...


Today I was nominated by Leesha of for a Liebster Award, an award that recognizes new bloggers. To be considered, each nominee must be nominated by another blogger and select 11 more candidates. If I've tagged you as a nominee for the award, follow the instructions below.

1. Link my blog to a new post on yours.

2. Nominate 11 other new bloggers, and tag them on social media with instructions to visit to your post.

3. Answer the following questions in your post.

Q: How did you come up with your blog name?

A: It sort of came to me one night when I was trying to sleep. I knew I wanted it to be descriptive of my life and personal style and that many successful blogs have some sort of alliteration in their titles.

Q: Why did you start your blog?

A: When I started my blog I was feeling a little lost and unsure of myself, and a quarter life crisis is not really a good place to be in your last year of professional school. I knew I was the only person who could change my attitude, so I started The Pricey Pauper Blog to try to find myself again.

Q: What do you love most about blogging?

A: I love the people I've met, even if only through social media. Their encouragement has been really fulfilling. I also love an excuse to dress up and spend time exploring with Matt, who usually takes my pictures.

Q: What's the most ridiculous but very cool fashion trend you've followed?

A: In college I had side bangs. They were very trendy at the time, and look good on a lot of people, but I have a prominent cowlick in my hairline. I've come to love it, but wasn't compatible with bangs. I think I also had some clear heels at some point.

Q: What's one goal you wish to accomplish this year?

A: To pass the Georgia bar exam. Next.

Q: What is your favorite social media site?

A: I'm always on Instagram, but I also love Bloglovin'. If you've never heard of it look it up. It's like Pinterest for blogs.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: Classic Americana plus a little bit of glam.

Q: Spring or Fall fashion?

A: Summer.

Q: If you could choose one store to shop at for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: Target. I'm not kidding.

Q: What is one fear you would like to conquer?

A: Fear of the unknown.

Thanks so much for nominating me Leesha! If you've been nominated, make sure to continue the chain. I swear this is actually a thing.


The Pricey Pauper

Monday, January 26, 2015

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.








Special thanks to MKW, and as always, my sweet photographer, Matt.

Dress (love this one too) // Jacket // Clutch (similar style) // Tights // Shoes (similar style) // Earring (comes as a set) // Sunnies

I wore this outfit for a Saturday night out with Matt and friends. I really do love a good floral for spring, and certain prints can be very slimming. The key is for a floral to be against a dark backdrop in a medium sized print. Both tiny prints and very large florals can make you look heavier than you are (think what a big hibiscus actually would look like on your butt). I also went with a dress with slight pleating around the midsection and an asymmetrical front hemline, both of which are extremely forgiving. The pleating disguises my problem area, and the hemline breaks everything up so that I look like more leg than middle. Finally, I'm wearing Spanx hosiery, which is the secret to looking slim in dresses and making cheap clothing look more expensive. I'm planning on doing a whole post about shape wear soon, so stay tuned.

By the way, I only have one piercing in each ear. These H&M cuffs clip on at the top so you can pretend you have several piercings for a night.


The Pricey Pauper

Friday, January 23, 2015

Tough but Sweet





Dress // Shoes // Jacket (similar) // Necklace (Similar) // Tights // Sunglasses

Some Friday night, out-on-the-town style inspiration for you. Have a great weekend everyone!


The Pricey Pauper

Thursday, January 22, 2015






Coat: Anne Klein // Dress: Kate Spade Saturday // Boots: Frye, Melissa Button in cognac // Clutch: Clare Vivier

Lip color: MAC Viva Glam V

Special thanks to MKW.

Contrary to Matt's opinion, I don't just have an unlimited supply of clothes. Investments like coats, shoes, and bags should always be versatile enough to work with maybe about a quarter or more of the outfit foundations (dresses, tops, pants, etc.) you have on rotation in any particular season. I'm obviously making that percentage up off the top of my head, but you get the idea. If you can't name at least a handful of things already in your closet that it can go with, that you'll use as the building blocks of your outfits, don't buy it. Don't buy the crazy shoes that look pretty on display in the department store and expect to find something in the future that you can wear them with. That's a backwards way of building your wardrobe, and what makes women walk into their packed closets daily and feel like they have nothing to wear.

That doesn't mean everything you own has to be black (I know I have to resist the draw of all black or grey constantly). I've talked before about using colors and even prints as neutrals, and the photos above are the best visual example I can think of. If you're not sold, start with pieces in navy and small prints. As a side note, wearing navy and black together is not only allowed, but adds major cool points.


The Pricey Pauper

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blue Crush






Coat: Anne Klein, exact style & other similar styles 1. 2. 3. // Sweater: Pim & Larkin (also love this one) //

Jeans: Jessica Simpson // Earrings: Fornash, (wish I had them in all the different colors) //

Clutch: Clare V. // Boots: old // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Lip: Josie Maran in Spirited Red

Told y'all color was in. I've been seeing cobalt and powder blue coats all over the internet and out and about. Later this week, I'll show you how versatile cobalt is, even in large amounts like on a coat, and that (gasp!) it can be worn with other brights as well as neutrals.


The Pricey Pauper

Monday, January 19, 2015

Classic Black and White

L 6 final

l 1 final

Photos by Jessica Cheij Photography. Special thanks to MKW.

Jacket: Jessica Simpson // Bag: Kate Spade // Heels: Joe's, similar style //

Top: Express // Denim: J. Crew, similar style // Earrings: old, similar style // Lip color: MAC Viva Glam for Rihanna

A short post today! Ignore the cord, we were shooting in the rain. Sometimes I wonder if I should be paying Ramsey for her help in milkbones or something.

Classic black and white is still my all time favorite color combo. It's never going to look dated, so your black and white outfits can last for years. This Jessica Simpson jacket with faux leather sleeves has been a staple of mine this winter. I've gotten so much use out of it, and it's actually machine washable. It's still available (link above) in a small and extra-small (I'm a medium for reference).


The Pricey Pauper

Friday, January 16, 2015

Blush Coat 2.0






Coat: Old, similar styles 1. 2. 3. // Bag: Kate Spade // Denim: Joe's Jeans //

Booties: Madden Girl, similar style // Ear Cuff: H&M

Coats in all candy colors are gaining in popularity the closer we get to spring. Pinks and blues in both pastels and brights are the looking like the favorites to win right now, so unless you want Gretchen Wieners to kick you out of the lunch table, you're going to need to load up on at least enough pink for Wednesdays.


The Pricey Pauper

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blanket Scarf All Dressed Up







Blanket scarf, identical style. // Sweater, French Connection, similar styles 1. 2. 3. 4.

Faux leather leggings, Express, similar style on sale. // Bag, Kate Spade, similar styles 1. 2. 3. 4.

Heels, Joe's, similar style. // Gloves, Ralph Lauren. // Lip color, MAC in Fanfare.

These are all really #basic pieces that I've been wearing all winter long. Most of my closet consists of separates and simple dresses in neutral colors that I can always grab for daytime or pair with more statement-making pieces at night. I use the term "neutral" loosely, as neutral can mean any color that serves as a canvas and doesn't really clash with (most) anything else. Modern neutrals include navy/cobalt, blush, olive, metallics, and even animal print, not just black, white, and tans.

Building a wardrobe of can't-go-wrong basics will save you time and money in the long run. It's just easier to pull a solid sweater in the morning when you're in a hurry, and those things can always be jazzed up with accessories in colors and prints. I've been wearing this scarf with more casual looks like jeans and flat boots. It's actually taken me a while to see that it also makes a noticeable and less expected nighttime accessory too. I was afraid the blanket scarf would become overdone very quickly since it was the OMG MUST HAVE ONE NOW accessory this year, but I think because of the classic tartan pattern it might really have some staying power.

I've been thinking of doing a skin care post soon, but a new (my last) semester started this week so we'll have to see how that goes. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but if anyone has been considering law school and wants to talk, please feel free to comment or Facebook message me with your email so we can get in touch.


The Pricey Pauper

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Favorite J.Crew Chambray Shirt, Black Jeans, and Leopard Infinity Scarf

liz 5 final

liz 4 final

liz 1 final

liz 3 final

liz 6 final

Photos by Jessica Cheij Photography, on Instagram as @jcheijphotography.

Shirt: J.Crew Factory.

Bag: Kate Spade, similar in descending order by price 1. 2. 3. 4.

Jeans, old, similar on (serious) sale 1. 2.

Boots, Antonio Melani, similar inexpensive style by Jessica Simpson.

Scarf: 2chic.

I'm OBSESSED with this leopard infinity scarf that my sister gave me for Christmas. It actually has a hidden pocket big enough for your phone, money, cards, etc. I thought it was an incredible idea for travel in order to keep some cash or at least one card separate from your others in something that won't leave your body and can't be reached without the wearer noticing. The first jeans link is to black Joe's Jeans, my favorite denim brand, on sale for under $40. Most sizes are left (except for mine, unfortunately).


 The Pricey Pauper

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pink Wool Coat, Navy Stripes, and the World's Cutest Corgi

P 2 final

P 3 final

P 1 final

P 4 final

P 5 final

P 9 final

Photo by Jessica Cheij Photography.

Outfit details:

Coat: Kimichi Blue, similar styles

Turtleneck: Old Navy, similar style.

Denim: J.Crew, similar style.

 Booties: Zara, old, similar style (on sale). 

Clutch: Clare V.

Watch: Michael Kors.

Sunnies: Ray Ban.

Lip color: MAC Angel.

Just after I took these photos, some of the big fashion blogs like The Sweetest Thing and Gal Meets Glam both published new posts wearing pale pink coats similar to this one. I bought it a couple of weeks ago when Urban outfitters was having a half of clearance sale (so it was 50% off of an already 50% off item!). I found a hole in the pocket, and since it was the last one in its size I asked the manager if she could give me an additional discount. If you've never done this, don't be embarrassed to ask because she ended up giving me another $10 off. Y'all know I love a good deal.

The first 2 links I posted under similar coats are of much more expensive pieces in a nearly identical style. If you buy a coat for almost $600, you are either stupid, rich, or both. Since I am neither, I go around asking managers for discounts.

The fox-dog in the pictures is Miss Ramsey, also known as the world's cutest corgi. Sorry, she's one of a kind, no similar styles.


The Pricey Pauper

Monday, January 5, 2015

J. Crew Men's Flannel over White Tee

hat  final hat 5 final hat 9 final hat 7 final

hat 1 final

hat 4 final

Outfit details:

Shirt: J. Crew Factory men's, similar styles 1. 2. 3. 4.

Tee: Express, similar styles 1. 2. 3.

Hat: local boutique, similar styles 1. 2.

Booties: Jessica Simpson, similar style.

Denim: Jessica Simpson.

Clutch: Clare V.

Sunnies: Ray Ban.

Watch: Michael Kors.

Necklace: Dogeared.

Photo credit: Jessica Cheij Photography, on Instagram as @jcheijphotography.

Still posting pictures from our mountain trip to North Carolina. We shot a bunch of different outfits, but I wish my photographer didn't have to go back to college for spring semester. I'm considering kidnapping her. In other news, my beautiful friend Kait from my law school class got married last night. She had pretty much the coolest wedding I've ever been to. The reception was at Monday Night Brewing, a microbrewery here in Atlanta, catered by Happy Belly food truck, and with a cupcake tower instead of a cake. It made me want to throw a party!


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