Thursday, January 22, 2015






Coat: Anne Klein // Dress: Kate Spade Saturday // Boots: Frye, Melissa Button in cognac // Clutch: Clare Vivier

Lip color: MAC Viva Glam V

Special thanks to MKW.

Contrary to Matt's opinion, I don't just have an unlimited supply of clothes. Investments like coats, shoes, and bags should always be versatile enough to work with maybe about a quarter or more of the outfit foundations (dresses, tops, pants, etc.) you have on rotation in any particular season. I'm obviously making that percentage up off the top of my head, but you get the idea. If you can't name at least a handful of things already in your closet that it can go with, that you'll use as the building blocks of your outfits, don't buy it. Don't buy the crazy shoes that look pretty on display in the department store and expect to find something in the future that you can wear them with. That's a backwards way of building your wardrobe, and what makes women walk into their packed closets daily and feel like they have nothing to wear.

That doesn't mean everything you own has to be black (I know I have to resist the draw of all black or grey constantly). I've talked before about using colors and even prints as neutrals, and the photos above are the best visual example I can think of. If you're not sold, start with pieces in navy and small prints. As a side note, wearing navy and black together is not only allowed, but adds major cool points.


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