Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I've been taking a little bit of time away from blogging lately. Studying for the bar really gets in the way of one's hobbies. Since I'm probably not posting any new outfit ideas this week, I wanted to share a few pictures that I've posted on Instagram this summer that haven't been on the blog yet. Some are from various Atlanta happenings, like my birthday, an outdoor music festival, and the cooking class I took with Matt, and some are from our recent trip to the Dominican Republic.

By the way I always swore you would never see me in a bathing suit on social media or the blog, but this one by Topshop (above) was so flattering that I changed my mind! Never say never.

I've linked some of the other items from my outfits or similar pieces in the widget below. Hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July!

The Pricey Pauper

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